Data-driven value creation


Data can be extremely valuable if utilized properly for understanding the business, and serve as input to predictive modelling to support optimized decision-making. Every aspect of our business concerns helping clients exploit data for business benefits. Financial institutions are endowed with massive amounts of data and the winners of the future will be the ones best equipt to gain competitive advantages from data.


To derive information and support decision-making from data, we apply advanced quantitative methods, deep learning, bayesian reasoning and compound visualizations by using powerful data science tools. Often, unapparent patterns and relations, can be detected and utilized systemically by use of quantitative methodology and analyses.


To scale optimal analytical decision-making across the business, with sometimes hundreds or even thousands of daily users and supporting specialists as well as non-technical employees, our end-user solutions include fintech. Although our solutions often concern complex underlying issues, we value providing very user-friendly applications that are easy and fast to use.






AQClients360 is our client optimization solution.

The application supports financial advisors with easy and fast assessments of client profitability and allows for a wide range of evaluations and actions on clients.

It automatically assesses client profitability of every single client on a daily basis and furthermore offers a flexible scenarios engine for evaluating consequences from potential business changes.

The application provides extreme value-creation as it helps improve the entire revenue base by tuning branch offices, reduces credit losses and helps do more with less resources.

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AQProfitability is our profitability analysis and reporting solution.

Having a detailed understanding and overview of profitability across the organization and products, financial advisors, credit ratings, sectors etc. is often an overwhelming task. AQProfitability solves this by providing an out-of-the-box, easy to use, advanced business intelligence solution, that offers a full break-down of profitability in seconds.

The application provides high value-creation via deep business insights wrt. profitability, interest rate levels and interest rate scenarios. It furthermore save a lot of resources on business intelligence development and reporting support.

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AQCreditPlus is our credit, risk and capital related solution.

Working with credit analysis, credit risk and capital adequacy many analytical 'pains' arise frequently.

The AQCreditPlus application is an 'umbrella' application dedicated to support specialists in solving typical analytical tasks/problems. It helps automate manual and ad-hoc tasks and perform them systematically and very fast - allowing for more efficient use of resources.

The application is in non-stop development and new supported tasks are added continuously.

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AQOpRisk is our operational risk management solution.

Operational risks concern potential losses due to people, internal processes, systems and external events.

Operational risk is the second most (to credit risk) important risk category in retail banking, yet managing operational risks is rarely properly understood or prioritized. Reasons are likely the intangible nature of operational risks and the diverse tasks required to manage operational risks effectively.

The AQOpRisk application solves this and supports all the diverse tasks requirement in one full operational risk platform that helps perform professional operational risk management with few resources.

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New partnership


We are thrilled to announce that AQRisk enters into partnership with Sparekassen Vendsyssel.

Sparekassen Vendsyssel is a very successful and expansive – top 10 – danish financial institution with more than 40 branch offices and 200.000+ customers.

By tapping into the AQRisk analytics platforms Vendsyssel will enhance utilization of data, advanced analytics, automation and state-of-the art business intelligence reporting to provide even stronger decision-making support to financial advisors, staff specialists and Management.

Visit Sparekassen Vendsyssel here.

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New partnership


We are thrilled and proud to share with you that AQRisk and Arbejdernes Landsbank (AL) have entered into partnership.

AQRisk will provide advanced fintech solutions to support enhanced decision-making to a large number of employees, including financial advisors, staff specialists and Management.

Deputy Director and CFO Frank Mortensen from Arbejdernes Landsbank states: “In AL, we have high expectations for the collaboration with AQRisk. We have for a long time analyzed and discussed how we in the bank should improve profitability and the choice has ended at AQRisk. We have high expectations of being able to strengthen the bank's competencies and abilities in relation to monitoring, analyzing and improving the bank's general profitability.
In AL, we have chosen to implement AQClients360 in several phases, where the focus is first on making a pricing tool available to Business Advisers to support the bank's strategic investment in the business area. The next phase is that we will use AQClients360 to monitor and analyze the profitability of the bank's entire customer portfolio.”

Arbejdernes Landsbank is the 6th largest Danish bank and the new cooperation is an important next step in the expansion of AQRisk and will help pivot our solutions to larger financial institutions.

Visit Arbejdernes Landsbank here.

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New partnership


We are very pleased to announce partnership with Merkur Andelskasse. Merkur is a Danish - value-based - financial institution, which has been on the frontier of the sustainability agenda since its beginning in 1982. It is part of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV), which includes more than 50 value-based financial institutions world wide.

Merkur CFO Alex Andersen comments on the new partnership: “Merkur Cooperative bank is the largest sustainable bank in Denmark. Sustainability also has a financial aspect hence we have partnered up with AQRisk. With the fintech solution AQClients360 we get a system that support and enhance our internal processes and thereby contribute ensuring sustainable products and services to our customers.”

We are excited about supporting Merkur in its agenda and effective retail banking. AQRisk will provide fintech for analytical decision-support to a wide range of employees, including financial advisors, staff and management.

Visit Merkur Andelskasse here.

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