Data-driven value creation


Data is extremely valuable if utilized properly for optimizing the business. Data serves as input to predictive modelling and deeper understanding, which supports stronger decision-making. Financial institutions are endowed with massive amounts of data and the future winners will be the ones best equipt to gain competitive advantages from data.

Data Science

To derive valuable business information from data, we apply advanced quantitative methods, deep learning, bayesian reasoning and compound visualizations by using powerful data science tools. Unapparent patterns and relations, can be detected and utilized systemically by use of quantitative methodology and analysis.


To scale optimal analytical decision-making across the business, with hundreds of daily users and supporting specialists as well as non-technical employees, our end-user solutions is fintech. Although our solutions often concern complex underlying matters, we provide very user-friendly solutions that are easy to learn and apply.





AQClients360 is our client optimization solution.

The application supports financial advisors with easy and fast assessments of client profitability and allows for a wide range of evaluations and actions on clients.

It automatically assesses client profitability of every single client on a daily basis and furthermore offers a flexible scenario engine for evaluating consequences from potential business changes.

The application provides extreme value-creation as it helps improve the entire revenue base by tuning branch offices, reduces credit losses and helps do more with fewer resources.

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AQCreditPlus is our credit, risk and capital related solution.

Working with credit analysis, credit risk and capital adequacy many analytical 'pains' arise frequently.

The AQCreditPlus application is an 'umbrella' application dedicated to support specialists in solving typical analytical tasks/problems. It helps automate manual and ad-hoc tasks and perform them systematically and very fast - allowing for more efficient use of resources.

The application is in non-stop development and new supported tasks are added continuously.

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AQOpRisk is our operational risk management solution.

Operational risks concern potential losses due to people, internal processes, systems and external events.

Operational risk is the second most (to credit risk) important risk category in retail banking, yet managing operational risks is rarely properly understood or prioritized. Reasons are likely the intangible nature of operational risks and the diverse tasks required to manage operational risks effectively.

The AQOpRisk application solves this and supports all the diverse tasks required in one full operational risk platform that helps perform professional operational risk management with few resources.

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New IT Partnership


We are happy to announce that AQRisk Technologies has been accepted into the Microsoft For Startups Programme. The program entails closer cooperation with Microsoft and launching AQRisk solutions via Azure.

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Business Excellence Award


The results of the 2nd annual Scandinavian Business Awards have been determined and on behalf of EU Business News. We are proud to announce that AQRisk has been awarded:

  • FinTech Innovators of the Year 2022
  • Excellence Award in Banking Optimization 2022

The selection process:
EU Business News has once again endeavoured to ensure that only the most worthy are recognised. Nominees were judged on their merits with assessment centred around an extensive evaluation of skills and services on offer. Final judgement was cast following a review of expertise within a given field/specialism, dedication to customer service and an ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation.
This approach has brought us much commendation during its use and allows our team to identify only the most outstanding and innovative Scandinavian companies.

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Partnership expansion


We are very happy to announce that Vestjysk Bank and AQRisk expand its fintech partnership.

AQRisk has been working closely with Vestjysk Bank since 2021 - in supporting effective operational risk management with the AQOpRisk application - and now expand the cooperation greatly, by providing the fintech application AQClients360 for optimizing core banking, pricing and profitable growth.

Morten Virenfeldt, CEO at AQRisk comments: “We are looking very much forward to working even closer with Vestjysk Bank. They rank among the very best in performance in Denmark, and we are proud that they now migrate from an internal framework to the AQRisk platform for pricing and core business optimization”.

AQRisk will provide Vestjysk Bank with support in optimizing core banking across many areas and provide value-creation with deep new business insights, higher profitability, reduction in potential credit loss, resource optimization, better utilization of client potentials, full documentation and stronger standing with the regulatory authorities.

On the collaboration, Concept Director, Per Skaaning, comments: "We have had a close and good working relationship with AQRisk concerning operational risk management since mid-2021, and now extend the collaboration to include our pricing models. Among other things, we are looking forward to a better data overview in the reporting. We expect that the solutions from AQRisk will provide us with a stronger basis for decision-making when we need to work with business optimization in a broad sense."

Vestjysk Bank is a full-service bank that advises private and corporate customers locally and regionally via 30 branch offices in Jutland. It ranks among the 10 largest banks in Denmark.

Visit Vestjysk Bank.

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